Motivation & Pricing

Key Elements to Any Sale

As many people will be putting their homes up for sale over the next year, not all Sellers are going to be successful.

While most Sellers are well intentioned when listing their homes for sale, there is generally an underlying reason for most everyone to want to move on.  If the reason for moving is strong enough, then there will likely be good motivation from the Seller.

When a Seller is motivated, the home should be priced competitively with the other homes in the area that it will be directly competing with.

Motivation is one of the most important factors in negotiating any successful sales agreement.  Without the proper motivation from all parties to a transaction, contracts can become much more difficult to negotiate.

Just because a home is listed on the market for sale doesn't necessarily mean that all parties involved will just ‘make it work' to sell it.  As the motivation to sell a home can differ substantially from one Seller to the next, it must be present from all parties involved in the transaction, including the Buyers as well.

Whether a move is planned because of empty nester syndrome, lifestyle changes, financial reasons, location preferences or any other motive, in order to maximize your sale proceeds, your reasons should be kept very confidential.

When a Buyer is aware of the Sellers motivation to sell (joint replacement, separation, whatever the reason, etc.), this type of information is only going to benefit the Buyer.  If the Buyer feels that there is an opportunity to get a house for less because of a particular reason, they will exploit that reason by reflecting it in their offer.

A Buyers motivation on the other hand can be completely the opposite.  Maybe the Buyer prefers a specific location, area schools, surrounding amenities, distance to work, etc.  If the Seller learns that the Buyer wants a particular area because of the schools or amenities, the Seller may exploit that also if there are only a few choices available for the Buyers.

Bottom line - motivation is the key reason that individuals move.  If you want to negotiate the very best deal for yourself, keep your reasons for moving a closely guarded secret.  Of course having the assistance advice of a really experienced agent is also a tremendous asset.

As the majority of my business is derived directly from personal referrals from past clients, friends and my sphere of influence, most clients will almost immediately realize the benefits of dealing with such an experienced negotiator.

I always welcome new clients and am excited to making their buying and selling experience not only a great one, but educational.

Should you have any questions or need some assistance with either buying or selling a home, please feel free to contact Adam Campbell anytime by calling his office.

Adam Campbell is the Broker of Record and Owner of Advantage Plus Realty Corp. and is a member of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), Oakville Milton & District Real Estate Board (OMDREB), Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), and the Realtors Association Hamilton Burlington (RAHB).  Adam can be reached anytime at his office by calling 905-844-4444 Ext. 201.