How Others See Your Home

Most potential sellers do not have the opportunity to go and view every other home that is up for sale and that will be in direct competition with theirs.  While many sellers will, and should have, a very positive and optimistic view of their home and its surrounding creature comforts, being competitively priced is critical for success.  The condition and appearance of your home is also of extreme importance and having it suitably prepared prior to listing it will save you money, time and plenty of aggravation.

Many sellers are always quite interested in the feedback and comments from the potential buyer prospects and their agents who have shown their home.  As there is a lot of both effort and preparation in readying a home to list it for sale, getting a feel from the Buyers can assist us tremendously in ensuring that your home is presented to the public at its absolute fullest potential.  Any negative comments can actually be beneficial as you may have overlooked something that can be easily rectified.

A Buyers' appeal generally starts with the neighborhood and will continue as they are driving to the particular property they are going to view.  The curb appeal of your home is extremely important as it will generally be the first impression that the buyers will get. As first impressions are lasting, if the yard is in a mess or there are old cars or oil stains on the driveway, this will not give off a very positive impression to our prospects.

Once the agent opens up the front door, this is where the buyers will either 'get the feel', or not.  Buyers are looking for a cozy and warm feeling when they enter a home and hope that your home is the 'one for them'.  There should be absolutely no clutter, shoes, coats or anything else that clogs the buyer's path distracting them from focusing on the features of your home.

While most buyers are looking for a home that has been lovingly cared for, the condition inside your home must also be in top shape. Walls that need painting or touch ups, chipped flooring or counters and old raggedy carpets that need replacing will not impress any potential buyers.  It might be important to note that most buyers are not usually interested in buying a home that needs a lot of fixing up and modernizing.

In fact, looking for a home is a process of elimination and we do not want to give any buyer any reason to discount us as a potential home to purchase.  Sellers must have their homes priced sharply and looking as best as it can.

Once in a while I will be showing homes and will open up a closet door only to find everything inside falling out at us with no way to close the closet unless I pick up all the stuff that fell out and put it all back in.  This is really not a good way to show the prospective buyers that you have plenty of storage space.  In fact, the Buyer will likely be completely distracted by this and likely figure you are just trying to hide all your clutter because there is no where else to put it.

Other areas of extreme importance are the kitchen and bathrooms.  If they are not clutter free and sparkling clean, what do you think goes through the buyers mind?  Kitchens need to show off as much functional counter and cupboard space as possible so the Buyer can see that there is a place to put all their things, if they do decide to purchase the home.

Bathrooms also need to shine and there should be no dirty towels or laundry anywhere in sight.  All fixtures (including tub, soap dishes, caulking and grouting) need to be spotless and cleaned even more regularly as there will be all sorts of people coming through your home.  Every area in your home should be clean and organized, not only before it goes to market, but while it is on the market for sale.

Adam Campbell can assist you tremendously in getting your home ready so that it shows to its absolute best potential. If you need some help or assistance in getting things ready or for an evaluation, please feel free to call Adam Campbell.

Adam Campbell is the author of this article and the Broker of Record and Owner of Advantage Plus Realty Corp..  Adam is also a member of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), Oakville Milton & District Real Estate Board (OMDREB), Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), and the Realtors Association Hamilton Burlington (RAHB).  Adam Can be reached anytime at his office by calling 905-844-4444 Ext. 201.